Blue Collar Bicycles

“An honest bike from an honest builder. That’s what Robert Ives delivers with each and every Blue Collar frame he builds….Robert’s bikes are no nonsense, made to take a beating, and are incredibly versatile”

Dogfork Lamp Arts

“In addition to handling the lighting needs of the retail customer, the Dogfork team partners with many well known design firms in the Bay Area, as well as commercial contractors, architects, and electrical firms. You are welcome to drop by the warehouse to see an ever-changing selection of fixtures, lamps, and one-of-a-kind Dogfork designs.”

Blue Truck Studio

“A daring and driven architecture studio.  Blue Truck’s studio ethos is founded in its namesake: the blue truck parked at the jobsite meant that the architect-builder, drawings and tools in hand, was already there, forging the promises of the space.  Blue Truck is an award-winning studio of modern creatives who push possibility forward as much as they build stories upwards. Their process thrives in the cross section of craft and concept, aspiration and elegant utility, where materials inspire and collaboration sparks discovery. Architecture, as the intersection of people and place, is where a blue truck continues to be parked.” 

Paul Component Engineering

“… there’s an old Texaco warehouse with state-of-the-art machines humming inside and still some old hand operated ones used to build prototypes. There is still constant thrashing on bikes in Bidwell Park, one of the gnarliest mountain biking areas in the country, to test and improve components. Every last scrap of aluminum is 100% USA forged and every component is 100% USA made.”